Custom Design Commercial/Industrial Models

Don't let exposed radiators spoil the charm of your office, business, school, church, hospital or institution.  Decorator designed, custom-made to the exact dimensions you require.

  • Scientifically engineered and designed for maximum heat distribution.
  • Insulated top available on most models.
  • Heavy gage steel, 16 or 18 ga., and powder coat finished, for lasting beauty and durability.
  • Safeguard people against burns from hot radiators.
  • Protects walls and draperies from smudge and soot.

#1 Bullnose with Grande front

#2 Bullnose with Beacon front

#1 Convector 
with Slope Top

#2 Convector
with Slope Top with center access door

#3 Convector
with Slope Top with center access door with removable Grande

#4 Convector
with removable front louvers on bottom

#5 Convector
with removable Beacon front

#5 Convector
with removable Grande front

Color Chart